Promoting Friendships, Philanthropy, and Cultural Exchange

PWC-Stavanger (People Who Connect) is a locally based, international, English-speaking organization.  We welcome anyone who has an interest in making new friends, contributing to the local community, and expanding cultural horizons.

We have members from almost every continent and dozens of countries around the world.  Our members are doctors, designers, attorneys, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, parents, teachers, homemakers, writers, and more.  What we share in common is this small corner of the globe and a desire to connect, whether our stay here is brief or permanent.

PWC-Stavanger provides opportunities for newcomers and permanent residents to socialize, share, and participate in activities and events.  Many of our events and activities are free or subsidized for members by the club.

PWC-Stavanger is also a philanthropic organization, previously raising money for local charities through an annual Arts and Craft fair.  As a nonprofit, our club is managed completely by member volunteers.

Are you interested in joining PWC-Stavanger?  Complete a membership application by clicking the Join PWC tab.  Membership dues are 400NOK paid when you join and each September thereafter.


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